About Us
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About Us

Love cars? 4 the love of cars is a company that offers you the opportunity to win your dream car for a term depending on the raffle you chose to take part in!!! Cars ranging from BMW M4 to Rolls Royce Ghost, we offer a great choice to drive the car that you love!!!

Part of the Plus Alpha International Group, we are proud to launch 4 the love of cars as this is our passion!! Launched in 2017 We are a group of the highest car enthusiasts that want to give the opportunity for everyone to win the car of their dreams and love cars as much as we do. For the team we have loved and been passionate about cars ever since we could walk! Track days became everyday and our love for cars has gone from strength to strength.

It was always our desire to own the best, fastest cars that money could buy as it was most boys childhood dream, but reality meant that we couldn’t afford our dream cars. With this said we launched this company for people like us to be able to live a week in a life with your dream car with our the massive costs that come with it.

We run 4 raffles a month with 4 different types of cars, so you have 4 more chances to win every month. With our live draws you will be at the edge of you seat and will know instantly if you are the lucky winner of one of our prises We also take recommendations into the cars you want to see so please message us the type of cars you would want to see on the prise draw.


So we hope you enjoy and good luck as the car of your dreams could be a mouse click away!!!!